Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer| Dan + Sam Surprise Proposal

My beautiful and wonderful cousin, Samantha (Sam) got engaged this summer while I was visiting Dallas. Not only did she get engaged, I was allowed to be THERE for the surprise proposal! If you follow me on Instagram then you know that this is my most favorite thing to do. Surprise proposals bring out the photography ninja in me (it’s a thing, I swear). I have a third degree black belt in convincing boyfriends to let me be the “secret photographer”.

However, for Dan and Sam I was definitely less than secret. There was serious plotting going on for the months leading up to their “mini session”. When they moved into their home in the spring, Dan announced that pictures of the two of them together hanging in the house could not be produced from a cell phone. I, being the loving cousin I am, insisted they hire me for a portrait session or I would cut them… Okay–maybe not that exact verbiage, but it’s probably close.

When the time finally came for the session we went to the location of their first date, which was 364 days before this exact day!!!! (Dan is a planner, y’all).


I couldn’t hear exactly what Dan or Sam were saying, but I imagine it to be something like… “Dan, if this is a joke… I will kill you”.

But it totally was NOT a joke, and there were so many happy tears. I may have shed a few, along with them… but I will neither confirm nor deny that if asked.


At the very end Dan said, “I told you I would never propose to someone unless I dated them at least a year. Well today is exactly three hundred sixty FOUR days since our first date, right here. So I guess I was wrong.” *cue a harp playing, doves flying, all magical and wonderful things* t

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