Winchester Virginia Family Photographer | Studio Lighting Tips

I have been obsessively stalking Sue Bryce for many years now. Many. Years. I love her. The way she shoots, her DIY projects, and she is so down to earth. Most of all… it’s her lighting. She shoots the most beautiful portraits of all time. ALL TIME! (I’m enthusiastic with lighting).

So this first photo is my standard lighting set up. Nothing wrong with it, but ya know… not the even, lovely light that Sue gets. (I like to pretend we’re on a first name basis with her… and Tina Fey… and Amy Poehler, my future besties).

AB400 and a 72 inch PLM set to the side/front-ish. It’s an oldie but a goodie.


This second photo, all my camera stats are the same… what I changed…

1. A cheapo ND filter I picked up off amazon this week.

2. I upped the power on my flash by 50%.

3. I TURNED IT TO FACE TO WALL. (The flash setup…Not my kid). and I swear, angels sang. I saw the light… no really. I saw the light and it was perfect. Bouncing it off my builder white, plain walls made my girl’s skin look like it was glowing.


I still have lots of “tweaking” to do but I am really pleased with the leaps forward

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