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We have had an incredibly busy summer! If you follow me on Instagram or if we are friends on Facebook, you have most definitely noticed that my little family is living like gypsies these days.

For those who have wondered what in heaven’s name we have been up to… Here is the breakdown.

  1. Trevon got a job that moved us to Virginia. And by us. I mean HIM. the first week of June.
  2. I packed and moved all our junk  valued possessions to Virginia the second week of July.
  3. I had booked up my fall schedule like we were going to be in Dallas forever (because I thought we WERE going to be in Dallas forever)… which led to me having 7 weddings in 10 weeks.
  4. We decided financially it made sense for me to come down with the kids finish up the last of my contracts, enroll the kids back in their Texas school and start the year here. Instead of flying out once a week and risking missing flights/weddings/etc. I don’t mess around with someone’s wedding day. It’s never okay.
  5. We *OFFICIALLY* head back to Virginia the first week of November.

I have officially spent more days on the road than I have in my own bed. Trevon and I have no cohabited in 4 months (which is pretty much the worst ever).

While it has its downsides, I was more than happy to go to Destin, Florida for my little brother’s wedding last month. We enjoyed a few days on the beach as a family between the chaos of wedding prep and actual wedding day. I am so grateful we have had these tiny weekends together at least to hold us over until we can live in the same state.

I think that just about covers it!


(family picture courtesy of a stranger on the beach who was very handy with my dslr). 


(Please don’t judge my pale or my running short tan line… the sun and I are not besties).



My poor sweet girl is TERRIFIED of the ocean. She spent a lot of her time building sand castles.




those tippy toes kill me. seriously.


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